crystal wiring

 using your own crystal, single crystal

*Payment link includes an additional S$5 for shipping fees. For international shipping, please click here.

Upon receipt of payment, we would arrange for the collection of your crystal. The design of the final look is determined by your crystal. Silver-filled wires would be used.

If you prefer 14K Gold wires, kindly note that there would be an additional S$20 charge for the cost of the wires.

For wiring multiple crystals together, you can view some examples in our special projects page and email us at for a quote.


Do note that all crystal wiring takes time to conceive and birth. The creation process is determined by many factors which some may be out of anyone’s control. If you have a tight deadline (especially if it is a birthday gift, we understand that you would love to be on time for such gifts), do let us know in advance so that we can let you know if this is doable. Otherwise, we would need 2-4 weeks for a project. We thank you for your kind patience in advance.

Care & Love For Your Wired Crystals

1. Remove them before you take your shower.
2. Wipe them with a clean cloth after each wear.
3. Store them in zipped bag to prevent oxidation.