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Life Alchemy Retreat • Yilan, Taiwan • 宜蘭,台湾


DATES: 29 JUNE - 4 JUL 2019
VENUE: No. 149-41, Zhenshan Road, Yuanshan Township, Yilan County, Taiwan 264
ACCOMMODATION: Dormitory style with comfortable mattress
FEES: S$2,288

Join Gladys on an inner journey to Self through connection with your breath and your body. Through Meditation, Rebirthing Breathwork, Mandala Drawing, Movement and Dance, you will be enabling your own inner healing to release any suppressed energy and shift your overall energy, both physically and metaphysically. This is the best gift you can give yourself in this Year of Illumination.


  • 6 Days 5 Nights accommodation

  • All meals included (Pure Vegetarian meals to facilitate a wholesome detox)

  • 5 Elements Rebirthing Breathwork sessions

  • Mandala sessions

  • Meditation sessions

  • Movement and Dance sessions

  • Self-Realization process

  • Self-Awakening process

  • Self-Remembering process

What is a modern day Alchemist? In the ancient days, an Alchemist is someone who changes lead to gold. What does a modern day Alchemist do then? A modern day Alchemist calls upon all the forces and transmute everything, every situation, every encounter, every moment, and every cells and tissues, into LOVE. Like the ancient time, an Aspiring Alchemist has to go through many lessons to first open his (read as her too) heart to True Love. Then only then will the mystery of the entire Universe be revealed to him. This is so that on one can misuse the power bestowed upon him. The heart has to be readied for the birth, or in fact is more a rebirth, of an Alchemist.

This is the very fabric that holds and creates the Life Alchemy Retreat. It transforms a Warrior to a Wizard, a Student to a Master, a Man to an Alchemist. The Universe is here to support you. Are you willing? Are you ready for surprises?

The calling is now upon you!

We invite you to come to this sacred ground, and experience the Universe and all its elements through the breath of life. This is a non-religious spiritual retreat where you are guided by Your Breath on an inner journey of Self-Realization, Self-Awakening and Self-Remembering.

Venue: No. 149-41, Zhenshan Road, Yuanshan Township, Yilan County, Taiwan 264
Dates: 6th Jul to 11th Jul (6 Days & 5 Nights of intensive healing work & integration process)
Course Fee: S$2,288 per person only

(Past Retreaters, kindly contact Gladys for your special reviewee’s fees if you are coming to review this retreat.)

(Inclusive of course fees, accommodation, usage of conference room and other facilities and all-vegetarian meals. Exclude air tickets and transportation.)

Please check in meditation and see if it feels right to come. If it does, then ask the intelligent and divine consciousness of the Universe to clear the way so you can attend with joy and ease. Ask that the money comes to you, or babysitters for your children, or leave from work, or whatever you need. If you are meant to be part of this wonderful gathering with beautiful like-hearted people, then the way will be made clear for you.

Tentative Schedule

(We are committed to the highest standard of the retreat and ensure that each and every participant get the most out of it. Therefore the schedule may vary depending on how the flow goes. Just trust and surrender.)

Day 1

  • Retreat Initiation Ceremony

  • Self-Realization: Who Am I?

  • Breath Meditation

  • Earth Rebirthing

Day 2

  • Self-Awakening: Inner Child Meditation & Mandala Drawing

  • Earth Rebirthing: Dynamic Breath & Dance

  • Breath Meditation

  • Earth Rebirthing

Day 3

  • Water Rebirthing

  • Self-Awakening: Connection through Dance

  • Connectivity Rebirthing

Day 4

  • Fire Rebirthing

  • Trekking

  • Open Eye Rebirthing

  • Air & Space Rebirthing

Day 5

  • Integrative Rebirthing

  • Self-Remembering: Return to Love

  • Flower Mandala Meditation

Day 6

  • Meditation: Be The Alchemist

  • Home Sweet Home


At least 3 meals a day.
Pure vegetarian. No meat, garlic, onion, ginger, mushroom, egg, dairy or any underground products (like ground nuts, yam, etc.)
(If you have special dietary requirements it’s a good idea to communicate it to the organiser when making a reservation.)

What’s Not Included

  • Airfare

  • Airport Transfer

  • Personal Expenses

Sharing from our past Retreats’ participants:

“I went to my first meditation session (lead by Gladys) in Dec 2015 and after two retreats, one workshop and a trip to the mystical land of Bhutan with her I can say without a doubt she is a no-BS, loving, generous person and a trusted friend that brings out the truth and best in me. With guidance and nudge from Gladys at the right time I am always comfortable in my own space to grow.

The result of breathwork for me is that I live a happier, more fulfilling life knowing and trusting myself more. Thank you Gladys.” – Yolande Lee, Malaysia

“I’m relatively new to breathwork and must say I was somewhat of a sceptic. I've always been more of a ‘science over spirit’ type guy. With my wife’s encouragement I went to try a 3 hour session late last year in Singapore with Gladys and Dawn of Gaia. Despite my initial uncertainty, Gladys created an environment that made me feel completely at ease. From there, I can’t say exactly what happened, but I know the result was that I came to know a place within myself of deep gratitude and love that I didn’t actually know existed. It was extremely powerful. So, in April 2018 I signed up for a 6-day retreat in Bali. Again, I carried a bit of uncertainty into the experience, and initially felt like a bit of an impostor... but I quickly realised that that was all me and felt at home in the group by the end of the first evening.

The breathwork can speak for itself and everyone should try it. But it’s how Gladys facilitates and supports you that really made the biggest impact. She has created a smooth, varied and involved experience that is simultaneously restful and intense (for me at least). Gladys had all sorts of people and personalities in the room - mine being one of openness, but also very questioning. Gladys was able to offer me genuine guidance and insights at every turn... often helping me to realise them for myself. Not many people can claim that!

Oh, and the location and food was amazing too. SAMBAL FOREVER!!!” – Ben Keher, Australia

“Retreats by Dawn of Gaia organised by Gladys are a perfect way to reconnect with yourself and your inner being. Batu Karu is a divine venue with amazing healing energy to help you tune into nature and its beautiful surroundings. Gladys has a natural and authentic ability to guide you to use your breath to connect to your deeper emotions, your blocks and inhibitions and to release these to heal yourself. The time spent in Dawn of Gaia’s retreats are truly empowering, as you are guided to connect with each element and its healing powers to heal yourself. I can not recommend the retreat enough and the gorgeous venue it is held at is second to none. Time passes with amazing experiences that help you find the real you, leaving you more connected with your true self!” – Visha Nelson, Singapore

“After meeting Gladys in around Nov 2017, my life changed drastically. I felt I have found the community where I am totally accepted and I can serve. In Dec 2017 while Gladys was overseas, I volunteered to host the Saturday meditations because I love the community so much. It was an amazing experience and learning for me.

In Mar 2018, I joined the Life Alchemy Retreat in Bali. I also brought my mum. It was a wonderful experience for both of us. Soon after the retreat, I quitted my full-time job in IT and wanted to use my time to do something I feel more connected with my heart, which is to share love and spirituality. That is my journey together with Gladys and the community so far. I didn’t expect life to change so fast before meeting Gladys. So yes, be warned about Gladys and the Life Alchemy Retreat, they can be highly dangerous in catalysing life changes.” – Joseph Zhang, China

“It was an amazing retreat that everything was quite perfect! The breathwork facilitator helped us to go through the transitions from outside to inside, from others to ourselves to take all the responsibilities, to awaken us to various levels and aspects! And also the food, accommodation were also fantastic. I cannot recommend more to anyone the retreat with Gladys, who is a most wise, professional, grounding and knowledgeable lady!” – Dai Lin, Australia

“Thank you so much for organising Life Alchemy Retreat! This is my second retreat with Gladys and I relish more to come. The experience is almost too good to articulate. I am sharing this so that if anyone of you reading this will benefit as much as I do.

The sacred place itself holds a safe and tranquil space that allows me to discover and explore so many profound insights about myself. During the 6D5N retreat, I am immersed in joy, love and support with a group of amazing people. It is pure. It is love. It is not just a holiday to Bali; it is a beautiful journey, a remembrance journey of I Am. Also, this inner journey leads me to depths and heights I never thought existed. Experience that seems unreal but feels so real. I have felt a deep spiritual connection to my inner self and rediscover my life’s purpose through this retreat. I learn how to stay aware and conscious in the “real world” as well as remain centered and peaceful amidst all of life’s chaos.

I am happy to see myself grown so much in this 1.5 year with Gladys’ unconditional love and support. She has a way bringing out the best in people, leading me to observe my essence which in turn helps me to realise my true potential. I learn to let go of unsupportive beliefs, open and heal my heart, invite more clarity and make conscious choices in daily life. Now, I am living a happy, wild and free life!

Understand that nothing is coincidence. I can recommend this to you who want to live an awakened life, it is your time to embark on this remembrance journey, reconnecting and reawakening your Spiritual Self with the Mother Earth and Source.

Thank you, Gladys, for sharing your love.” - Shin Lan, Malaysia

“A transformational journey guided by the ever caring and loving Gladys! Spiritual journeys are indeed personal and unique for each individual. However, what truly made this journey remarkable was the presence of the other beautiful souls who were willing to share and help me throughout the ride. The abundance of acceptance and love in the air made my journey easier on so many levels. It was this support and care that helped me reflect, unlock and awaken certain parts of me I never knew existed.

Also, I decided to quit smoking prior to the retreat (after 16 years of bbq). While the vegan diet and activities helped me detox physically (Leeches started feeling my blood was worthy of their attention again!), it was once again the care and encouragement of the 8 strangers (including Gladys obviously!) that truly helped me cope the sudden absence of my ‘best friend’. Lost a friend but gained a family…

I am indeed very grateful for this journey. My first of many to follow... Highly recommend this for anyone who’s willing to go through an exhilarating rollercoaster ride of awakening! (Don’t worry, you are safe under the watchful eyes of Gladys!” - Sathis, Singapore

“There was a calling for my hubby, Karl and I to go for this Bali retreat as a couple. After this retreat together, I realized the busy city life that we got caught up with, the frustration of work stress, we did not give ourselves time together as a couple to enjoy the little things in life.

We never had the chance to watch the sunrise together, or trek in the forest in comfortable silence surrounded by Mother Nature. This couple retreat together feels like a relationship detox, rediscovering our love that was always there, just buried with the busy routine life of living in the city. This experience and time we had together also opens up our hearts and bare our souls to each other which we find it difficult in the past, due to the many masks that we wear to protect ourselves from painful experiences from childhood or whatever we fear. This retreat’s energy is very energizing, with abundance of time, the nature surrounding providing self-healing to our physical body and most importantly an experience that money cannot buy.

Very grateful to Gladys, from a breathwork facilitator, to a friend and to being my Spiritual Mama and now it’s beyond what words can describe of our human relationship. It has evolved to cosmic love and living.” - Helelina Low, Singapore

I’m forever grateful to be given the opportunity to serve all beautiful beings on their journey to Divinity these 10 years! I’ve personally grown so much from this miraculous experience! Blessings to All. Love Always, Gladys xx

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