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Life Explorer Retreat • Yilan, Taiwan • 宜蘭,台湾


DATES: 28 FEB - 3 MAR 2019
VENUE: No. 149-41, Zhenshan Road, Yuanshan Township, Yilan County, Taiwan 264
ACCOMMODATION: Dormitory style with comfortable mattress
FEES: S$1,515

What does one need to live a healthy and happy life? A healthy and happy mind.

Yet in this 21st century, many of us are caught up in the busyness of life that we feel stressed and imbalance. We could already have almost everything we want in life - a happy family or relationship, a good paying job, a home to return to each day, and a close group of friends. However, we may still feel life could be better. But, we do not know how to have a better life. This could further increase the stress and imbalance in life.

Our mind is like the vast ocean. Our daily life is like a boat. When the mind is calm, we have a peaceful journey. When the mind is turbulent, we have a stressful journey to keep the boat afloat. Sometimes, we thought we see something in the deep ocean. And our mind goes into a rampage. Could it be a sea monster? Or is it just my eyes playing tricks on me? We could use many different means to tame or train our mind. Yet, the ocean runs deep. The undercurrents are formidable. How then can we truly have a healthy and happy mind?

In this 4D3N retreat, we create a safe space for you to dive into the ocean, face your sea monsters and realise for yourself they could just be dolphins and whales. Our diver’s kit consist of the stuff that make up who we are, our breath, our plants, our mind and our body. You get to witness the driving force in your life. This retreat is specially crafted for those of you who wish:

  • To expand your life blueprint

  • To be fully responsible for the betterment of oneself

  • To live a healthy and happy life and have an empowering influence on others

And this is definitely not for those who are:

  • Unwilling to be responsible for one’s life

  • Unwilling to expand one’s comfort zone

  • Unwilling to face one’s truth

Gladys has been practicing Rebirthing Breathwork in Singapore and the region for more than 10 years. During the session, she will guide you on how to use this technique to build a healthy and happy mind, and thus leading to a healthy and happy life.

Bella is a practitioner for The Emotion Code and Reiki. As a translator, she bridges the communication between people. And her connection with plants helps her to guide others to connect with oneself.

Anne is an energy worker (Reiki Master, Pranic Healer) and a practicing Rebirther. Through her love for life, she becomes the bridge to connect owners with their pets, people with their environment to help them live in balance and joy.

Together, we are bringing you some most powerful yet simple techniques that releases stress and increases balance, letting you feel at peace in everyday life. It gives you the clarity and the energy you need to focus on your daily activities so that you can be productive in what you are doing.

For more information, kindly connect with Anne or Gladys.


Or on facebook @dawnofgaia