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Experience Powerful Moments of Silence that prepare you for the creative process where you reflect and complete the Year. Have a Profound Journey within Self through Mandala Drawing and Rebirthing Breathwork. Acquire Empowering Clarity Moving Forward to create the kind of the New Year you desire for you!

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Sharing from our past Retreat's participants:

Letchimi SAYS...

I dare say that the course will revolutionize your life, a sum of experiences I have had with Gladys and the rest of the participants who supported in my realisation that we are more than the perception and label we carry upon ourselves.

The word miracle isn't present in my dictionary and yet it's innate in me. Although, there are many tools to help us set our goals, yet this one spoke to my heart based on the intent of creating miracles for ourselves. It's about learning to believe in life and ourselves again, a priceless gift.


Yolande SAYS...

It has been more than one week after the workshop, every day I feel happy, energised, grateful and looking forward to start my day and the future. In the beginning I was in a state of disbelief, is it possible to feel so good all the time? Will this wonderful feeling wear off? This feeling is me loving myself, living my life and loving every moment of it. I am living it NOW and my life is not going to wear off.

During the workshop Gladys gets straight to the point and is very effective in seeing things. Things you don't realise and she sees the good and the beauty in you. She is very honest, real, true and loving. With her guidance the two days journey looked into the root of me and how I used to live.

Without a doubt I would say that attending the workshop was the best decision in my life. More wonderful surprises awaits me round the corner. I left my old self behind and now I am going full force ahead living life true to myself.


Michael SAYS...

Don’t underestimate the power of creating miracles by yourselves. We all have gifts that we have yet to discover and from that, we think that the world is unfair to us. I would like to share with all of you what I have gained and benefited from the two days workshop.

At first, I was unsure if I should attend the workshop, there were so many reasons for that – What if my boss didn’t grant me leaves? How many people will be attending? Is the facilitator good enough to deliver? Is it worth the money to pay for the course? – Surely, you will have similar thoughts. When I meditated and discussed with Gladys, she said, “Michael, if your angel wants you to attend, all will be possible. You have a choice to make – just sit and give lots of excuses or move and make things happen!”

I chose to “make things happen”, because I believe that I will benefit by making an affirmative statement. Believe me, the workshop was an eye-opener. I discovered a lot about myself – my behavior, thoughts, actions, leadership skills, and much more. Frankly speaking, if you attended a commercial workshop of such caliber, you would need to pay thousands of dollars as they provide you with a good hotel, food, and literature. However, I was blessed – for a couple of hundreds, I too got as good an experience as mentioned – not in a hotel, but in a very quiet place, simple vegetarian food that will energize and keep you awake, no fancy literature, just a pen and paper…

But every minute of your time will be filled with excitement, laughter and prayerfulness. You will discover what is passion and hope. If you have previously hoped that the Universe will give you a big sum of money, you will discover that your passion overrides all this materialistic things. I can go on and on, but I would prefer you to experience all these surprises!

Just after the workshop, it was Christmas day. I was so inspired, I started making a journal book to pen down all my desires. I started creating my miracles!

I have never been so successful and inspired, having attended lots of workshops in the past on goal setting, behavioral changes, etc, I must confess this workshop is a very unique one. Gladys, the facilitator, is so inspiring, patient, loving, and charismatic during the two days.

In conclusion, from me to you, if the Universe is opening its doors for you to walk in, don’t wait, just say yes to the Universe, commit yourself and leave the rest for Him to handle.

“If your mind can conceive and believe, you will achieve."