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About Dawn of Gaia

We are the forerunners of the new presence, lovers of Gaia, and guardians of Light. For Humanity, By Humanity.

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Our Story

The foundation of Dawn of Gaia is Love! Gaia, another name for Earth, has been through many eons of birthing and rebirthing. With the tremendous shift of human consciousness in the 21st century, we are seeing a New Earth dawning! Now is the crucial time for us to unite and Bring Forth A Newness in the way we live on Planet Earth.

We thrive on Love, Peace and Joy. We are Miracles Creators and Alchemists of Life. Let us leave our energy-footprints on Gaia for those who come after us. Let us Be An Inspiration! We welcome you to our community of Love.

Practical Spirituality

Your world, your rules - rules are your subconscious programming. They have been laid over the years. People said, “I’m always helping others, it is my normal nature”, “My nature is shy; hence I do not speak up”, etc. Look at a baby. Is it the baby’s normal nature to want to help others? Is it the baby’s nature to be shy? No. A baby cries loudly. A baby is helpless. A baby sleeps whenever he needs to sleep. We are all born with minimal programming. As we grow up, we add new programs and over time they become our second nature. Some of these rules empower us. Some keep us trapped in a vicious cycle. Are you ready to reclaim your command in life?

Here, at Dawn of Gaia, we endeavour to help you to uncover your subconscious programming and to install new self-empowering programs. Years ago, we have been sharing with people that Meditation must become a 24/7 (24 hours 7 days a week) practice. Now, self-healing and self-discovery must become a 24/7 journey. It is no longer a yearly practice where we schedule time off once a year to retreat and work on ourselves. It is now getting more and more desirable to cleanse and heal ourselves constantly and regularly. This is part and parcel of raising our consciousness. This is practical spirituality.

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