About Us

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The foundation of Dawn of Gaia is love! Gaia, another name for Earth, has been through many eons of birthing and rebirthing. We are seeing a New Earth dawning! Now is the crucial time for us to unite and Bring Forth A Newness in the way we live on Planet Earth. Here, at Dawn Of Gaia, we thrive on Love, Peace and Joy. We are Miracle Creators and Alchemists of Life. Let us leave our energy-footprints on Gaia for those who come after us. Let us Be An Inspiration!

We welcome you to our community of love.


Gladys Lee

Gladys believes that everyone is a success by nature, wanting to love and live life to the fullest. She has touched and transformed many lives by showing them the beauty of their true selves and empowering them to lead a life of purpose and joy.

She has been a change catalyst in a few major corporations for more than 12 years before she responded to her inner seeking for a more meaningful life. Since June 2006, she has attended many personal development programs encompassing entrepreneurship, salesmanship, presentation skills and training delivery, as well as facilitation and coaching.

Gladys is a professional Breathwork specialist. Having learnt from both Masters from the West and Gurus from the East, Gladys has harmonized the Neuro-Science of the Mind and Breath. Through the simple and powerful nature of Breathwork, Gladys has been helping many people to live a purposeful life.

“We are here to shine the light on the path to lead you back to your Divine Self!”