Breath Meditation

Quiet your mind and enjoy a state of being in the present moment, at peace and calmed with the feeling of Oneness. The technique of Breath Meditation is very simple and exceptionally effective – the practice only requiring you to watch your breath while simply being. It is a non-religious form of meditation, thus making it open to anyone and everyone who is willing to give it a try.

With the support of the meditation group, you will find that meditation is, in fact, not as difficult as you would think. In no time, you will find yourself connecting with your inner wisdom.

Since 2013, the community was birthed to allow the sharing and practice of gratitude and love in our daily lives. The space is lovingly crafted and blessed to create a safe haven where like-hearted people can gather regularly to breathe and raise our awareness and consciousness together.

Thanks to all our sponsors, breath meditation is free.

Free Meditation Sessions are organized regularly:

Every Saturday:
9am-10:30am @ Botanic Gardens

Every Sunday:
6pm-7:30pm @ Vyasa Yoga Centre

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