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In the busyness of our city life, one could easily lose our balance and forget what we are truly striving for. Breath Meditation leads you in finding that balance in your daily living. A simple, non-religious form of practice that is exceptionally effective for both beginners and practitioners. Breath Meditation session is free for all.


With the support of the meditation group, you will find that meditation is, in fact, not as difficult as you would think. In no time, you will find yourself connecting with your inner wisdom. Since 2013, the community was birthed to allow the sharing and practice of gratitude and love in our daily lives. The space is lovingly crafted and blessed to create a safe haven where like-hearted people can gather regularly to breathe and raise our awareness and consciousness together. Breath Meditation session is free for all.

Breath Meditation eSessions

Every Sunday 8:30pm-9:30pm @ Zoom

For security reasons, to join Breath Meditation on Zoom, you will need to register at our Facebook Event or our Meetup Group Event with your email address and name. The login details will be emailed to you upon your registration. Please check your email for the login link and the password.

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