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Ancestral Constellations

Imagine the whole universe in front of you. Every single member of your family is a star in this vast universe. If one of the stars is being outcast or rejected, a vacuum is created. Down the line, someone from the family would unconsciously or consciously try to fill in the gap. As this person moves to fill in the vacuum another vacant space is created. Now, we have 2 vacuums; the 1st one where a family member was being outcast or rejected, and the 2nd one where someone down the line tried to move to fill in the 1st vacuum. Everyone is unique, hence, no one can fill in the gap left by someone else, no matter how hard one tries. This causes an imbalance in the family energy. And down the line, more and more members attempt to fill in another person’s vacuum. Imagine how will the whole universe look right now? Ya… chaos!

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Ancestral Constellations Session aims to free you from your ancestors’ unresolved emotional issues, problems or trauma. In so doing, it releases you from any energetic patterns that link you to them – patterns that can have an inhibiting or disruptive influence on your life today.


This is a private one-on-one consultation service, lasting 1.5 to 2 hours at S$120 per session.

“An ancestral constellation session with Gladys was one of the most insightful sessions I’ve had delving into my past family history. I’ve attended sessions elsewhere but have walked away feeling displaced somewhat not really understanding what had happened ... but with Gladys’ very gentle guidance and intuition, I felt very much in a safe space to explore past relationships within my family tree, it felt relevant and guided me to tune into unspoken secrets from my history.

I could feel the energy of unresolved relationships lurking somewhat within me but had never been able to identify what they were precisely. With Gladys intuition and trust, we worked through relationships that needed attention and resolution and I left feeling lighter from addressing these.

I felt safe and a real sense of trust in Gladys holding the space whilst I worked through these relationships.

Gladys unconditional love for those she holds space for is most definitely a huge factor in processing my feelings with ease and speed.  Her gentle approach is kindly soothing and she brings a much deeper approach to resolving issues within you. I highly recommend a session with Gladys to clear out the cob webs of our family history and patterns, to free ourselves to live our future with ease and understanding.”

– Visha Nelson

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“I did my first ACS with Gladys and the results were surprising, found out something in my family tree and that discovery helped me understand more about me, why some of my family members are behaving a certain way and how that affects me.


My 2nd ACS had more surprises as well and I saw an unexpected instant shift of behaviour (in a positive way) in one of my family member after the 2nd session. For me personally, ACS provided closure, understanding and freedom to move on with guidance, help and blessings from my ancestors.


Gladys is a good communicator, very intuitive and compassionate in facilitating the ACS process.”

– Yolande Lee

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