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Tarot Reading

Tarot Reading is not fortune-telling. It is an energy reading working with the universal law of attraction. Based on your current energy vibration, certain cards would surface to depict your current life experiences and/or challenges and concerns. This gives you a mean to see your energy and hopefully raise your awareness to your decision-making process. When we live with awareness, we grow and glow!

“A tarot reading session with Gladys is always a very helpful and insightful experience. It makes you focus on the right questions and work on finding the right answers. Thank you for being such a guidance and inspiration Gladys.”

– Aude Giraud (Indepth Tarot Reading)


Tarot Reading eSessions

Indepth Tarot Reading: S$69 per reading

A Yearly Rolling 12-month Energy Forecast: S$79 per reading


Tarot Reading Face-to-Face Sessions

Indepth Tarot Reading: S$69 per reading


Tarot Entertainment Service to spice up your private party or company event!

Want something unique and memorable for your guests? Your next private party or company event could just be the talk of the town! Imagine your guests still excitably talking about their experiences days or weeks after your party or event, exchanging notes with one another about their Tarot Readings, fascinated by the information and guidance received. You could captivate your guests with our Tarot Entertainment Services now!

Private Party:  Birthday Party, Anniversary, Baby Shower, Housewarming, Celebrations

Company Event: Annual Dinner & Dance, Family Days, Retreats, Gala Night

Fees: Ranges from S$200 to S$500 per hour depending on number of persons at the party or event. Minimum 2 hours booking per party or event.

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