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Rebirthing Breathwork

Rebirthing Breathwork is a powerful, safe, and simple breathing technique that releases stress and increases balance, letting you feel at peace in everyday life. It gives you the clarity and the energy you need to focus on your daily activities so that you can be productive in whatever you are doing. Regular practices will help you to build a healthy and happy mind, thus leading to a healthy and happy life.

Gladys has been practicing Rebirthing Breathwork in Singapore and the region for more than 15 years. Having learnt from both Masters from the West and Gurus from the East, Gladys has harmonized the Neuro-Science of the Mind & Breath, as well as the Mystical Rebirthing Breath that guides you back to your own inner wisdom and power.

Rebirthing Breathwork helps to...

Builds a Healthy & Happy Mind

You lead a healthy and happy life.

Feels at Peace

You recalibrate your energy level of your body and connect with that inner peace.

Gives Clarity

You gain clarity and know your next action step.

Increases Balance

You inhale Qi / Prana / Life Force that enhances your inner balance energetically on the cellular level.

Releases Stress

You exhale and release all stress, tension and trauma that are stored in the cells of your body.

Rebirthing Breathwork eSessions

Rebirthing Breathwork eSessions: S$60 per session

Registration: WhatsApp me directly and I will send you the Zoom link and password.

What is needed for this session:-

1. Good WIFI connection, preferably through your laptop or computer. If you are using your mobile phone, please download Zoom App beforehand. As this is a 3 hour session, please ensure that you have your charger ready.

2. Prepare a space where you can lay down and breathe. Your bed or a sofa would be nice. If not, a yoga mat or mattress on the floor can do too. Privacy is important. Hence, please let your family members know not to disturb during this period. Also give them a heads up that you may cry, yell or breathe loudly or make noises. Let them know you would be fine as this is just part of the releasing process.

3. Prepare your bottled water, box of tissue paper and a plastic bag or a bin. Bottled water so that you will not accidentally knock and spill any water. Sometime, people may release by throwing something out. That's what a plastic bag or bin is for.

IMPORTANT: Please login 5 - 10 mins before the start time so that we can start on time. If you are having meals before the session, pls eat light.

Rebirthing Breathwork Face-to-Face Sessions

1-on-1 Session:  S$300 per session

Group Session:  S$120 per session

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Sharing By Participants from Rebirthing Breathwork Packaged Deal

“Every session I experienced a different journey. It started with excitement, released pain in the body, washed always trapped energy in me, gained positive energy, experienced deep meditation, experienced energetic energy until cannot sleep for a night, released anger deep inside me, experienced deep relaxation, got to know myself again and level up!

It was a wonderful journey for me in the rebirthing breathwork sessions. Just after 5 sessions, I checked out with my hubby what were the changes so far, he saw in me? He has no doubt in saying, less complains and less focusing on negative things.

I am grateful to connect with Gladys. She is my connector to my piece and pieces of knowledge on my spiritual self. I highly recommend rebirthing breathwork to you, if you are on the journey of searching and knowing yourself.” 


– Hikki Lew, Infinite Wealth Batch 11

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