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Love. Live. Breathe.

Here, at Dawn of Gaia, we return you to love, to live fully, to breathe deeply.

Practical Spirituality

Spirituality made practical through the observation of your breath,

connecting your life, expressing your love.

Your journey begins here...
Candle Holder

Observe. Connect. Express.

Welcome to the era of the beginning of many new encounters and experiences as the new unfolds magically once one is ready to embrace life. 

Rules are your subconscious programming.

If you don’t like it, change your rules. And watch your world change.

Your World, Your Rules.


"I met Gladys many years ago through a friend who recommended her healing services. Over the years, Gladys has given insightful guidance through her compassionate and candid approach. I have experienced energy reading, breathwork, and rebirth. Each session, I connected with my inner self exploring my dormant desires and deepest fears.
Her work helped me rewire how my mind works due to belief systems and conditioning. Ultimately is all about the stories we want to tell ourselves - do we want to live fully in the present moment or run away from it? Gladys is a loving and precious human being with a natural gift to support this human journey called life. Thank YOU."

— Daniela Caccia, Italy

Meet Gladys

Meet Gladys Lee


Gladys believes that everyone is a success by nature, wanting to love and live life to the fullest. She has touched and transformed many lives by showing them the beauty of their true selves and empowering them to lead a life of purpose and joy.

She has been a change catalyst in a few major corporations for more than 12 years before she responded to her inner seeking for a more meaningful life. Since June 2006, she has attended many personal development programs encompassing entrepreneurship, salesmanship, presentation skills and training delivery, as well as facilitation and coaching.

Gladys is a professional Breathwork specialist. Having learnt from both Masters from the West and Gurus from the East, Gladys has harmonized the Neuro-Science of the Mind and Breath. Through the simple and powerful nature of Breathwork, Gladys has been helping many people to live a fulfilling life.

“We are here to shine the light on the path to lead you back to your Divine Self!”





Rebirthing Breathwork

Rebirthing Breathwork is a powerful, safe, and simple breathing technique that releases stress and increases balance, letting you feel at peace in everyday life.



In the busyness of our city life, one could easily lose our balance and forget what we are truly striving for. Breath Meditation leads you in finding that balance in your daily living.

tarot 2.jpg


Tarot Reading

Tarot Reading is not fortune-telling. It is an energy reading working with the universal law of attraction. Based on your current energy vibration, certain cards would surface to depict your current life experiences and/or challenges and concerns.



Ancestral Constellations

Ancestral Constellations Session aims to free you from your ancestors’ unresolved emotional issues, problems or trauma. In so doing, it releases you from any energetic patterns that link you to them – patterns that can have an inhibiting or disruptive influence on your life today.



Mandala Drawing

In our Mandala Drawing session, you are guided to explore your inner world and express your state of consciousness with colors, shapes, and symbols. By connecting yourself with your inner child, creativity and self-expression will flow onto paper freely.




Many 6D5N Life Alchemy Retreats and 4D3N Life Explorer Retreats have been held in Taiwan and Bali before 2020. We are looking forward to bringing these transformational retreats back once the global traveling eases.



Spiritual Tours

Coming home to Bhutan is the calling of all souls! We have run our 1st Bhutan Spiritual Tour in 2017 and our 2nd in 2019. We are looking forward to running more of these spiritual tours in Bhutan and other spiritual sites once the global traveling eases.


Corporate Retreats & Programs

Specially crafted corporate retreats and programs are available upon request. Contact Gladys for more details.




+65 9339 0431

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